Seam tracking systems

Seam tracking systems in laser applications enable significantly more precise and efficient processes and define new standards in the areas of laser technologies.

Systems with beam deflection

  • Improving the quality and process stability
  • Possible to integrate into existing applications
  • Processing of a wider range of materials and products
  • Increasing the utilization efficiency of the laser source
  • Effective guidance on the seam / edge with an accuracy of 0.05 mm

Principle of operation:

  • Designed for welding material of thickness 0.05-10 mm
  • Max. seam deflection: ± 10 mm • Max. welding speed of 20 m/min
  • The Wobble welding function (oscillation of the laser beam during welding)
  • Comprehensive solution for simple replacement of conventional welding technology
  • Measured guidance accuracy: ± 0.02 mm • Suitable for all common laser sources to 5 kW
Systems with beam deflection

Robotic application

  • Designed for processing of complex shaped parts
  • Can be integrated with any existing robotic system
  • Combining the laser profile scanner, conventional processing head and special software
  • Usable for both conventional and also laser technology, especially hardening, cladding, welding and 3D cutting

Principle of operation

  • Scan a complex-shaped components
  • Vectorization of scanned point cloud
  • Generation of 3D model
  • Marking the desired trajectory
  • Program generation to move the robot along the desired trajector
Robotic application

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