Mobile modular workplaces

Based on projects with similar customer requirements, LaserTherm has developed mobile robotic workplace on a special support pallet. The advantage of the palette is the rigidity of the system and its variability. There isn´t TCP lost (Tool Control Point) thanks a common base. The workstation can be equipped with various positioners and thus increase the efficiency of its use. Cable ducts, cooling and inert gases are led through the inside of the pallet. The result is a clean, professional robotic workstation that can be simply transported, plugged into a power outlet and start production immediately.


  • Economic solution
  • Small built-in dimensions
  • Modular integration of various types of positioners
  • Portable PnP = fully mobile Plug & Play solution
  • Cleanliness and safety treated by covering energy routes
Mobile modular workplace. Robotic welding. Robot FANUC with uniaxial positioner.
Mobile modular workplace
Mobile robotic workplace with hardening head Laserline


  • Laser welding, hardening, cladding
  • Conventional welding (MIG/MAG, TIG)
  • Handling, loading, palletizing
  • Special technologies