Laser processing heads

Design and development of processing heads for laser welding, hardening and cladding technologies according to customer requirements.

The development is focused on the stability, robustness, cooling, modularity minimal installation dimensions and weight of laser processing heads for high power industrial applications.

The results of the development are then tested by real load of the LaserTherm custom production. Feedback of process ensures a high-quality and practical product ready for heavy industrial operation.

We can achieve all this thanks to our own real experiences from everyday practice.


  • Robust construction with sophisticated cooling system
  • Quick exchange of optical components
  • Long-term stability in heavy industry
  • Good performance cost/ration
  • Technical and service support directly from the manufacturer

Welding heads

Usual spot size:

0,2–3 mm

Welding speed:

10–10 000 cm/min

Laser power:

200–10 000 W


airknife, on-line welding diagnostics, seam tracking system, wire feeding, camera


4–10 kg (according to accessories)

Laser welding head

Hardening heads

Usual spot size:

According to customer requiremens, often: from 10 × 10 mm2 to 100 × 10 mm2

Hardening speed:

10–100 cm/min

Laser power:

1000–14 000 W


pyrometer, airknife, thermovision


4–10 kg (according to accessories)

Laser hardening head

Cladding head with circular spot

Spot size:

1–8 mm


1 000 – 6 000 W


For hard to reach surfaces

Head position:

Cladding in various head positions

Laser cladding head with circular spot

Cladding head with rectangular spot

Usual spot size:

10–30 × 2–3 mm²

Laser power:

2 500 – 14 000 W


For large-area cotings

Head position:

Cladding in vertical position

Laser cladding head with rectangular spot

Materials suitable for laser cladding: Co base alloys (Stellite), Ni base alloys (Inconel), Fe base alloys (comon, stainless or tool steels), bronze alloys, cermets and others

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